Dental implants in St. Albert

Whether due to gum disease or tooth decay, tooth loss continues to be a common frustration. Fortunately, Dr. Riemer can provide you with advice and treatment concerning dental implants.

What exactly are dental implants?

In order to replace missing teeth, Dr. Riemer can provide you with treatment in St. Albert: dental implants. The treatment involves the insertion of a titanium tooth root into the bone, providing a platform on which an artificial tooth can be attached.

The advantages of dental implants

In the past, dentures and bridges were just about the only two options used to treat tooth loss. Nowadays, however, dental implants are recommended as they provide a long-term solution, are more comfortable and natural looking, and may help prevent further tooth loss.

Dental implants can also protect the bone; they fill a gap and prevent the jawbone from shrinking. This means that the shape of your jaw and your appearance can be preserved.

At Dr. Riemer’s clinic in St. Albert, the treatment you will receive for your dental implants will be handled with care and precision:

  • He will start by thoroughly planning your treatment and discussing the options available to you.
  • He will then place the implant using 3D X-ray technology.
  • The crown can be made for the implant once the root portion has had sufficient time to heal.

To top it all off, Dr. Riemer is often able to do everything under one roof. Every stage in the procedure can be done at the clinic, saving you a car journey or two!